Thursday, May 7, 2009

I know everyone's missed my un-biased posts.

Well, ok, or not. I've been having to prepare the heathens in my classroom for AP exams, so I haven't had the energy to really do much of anything, but I have been watching the series (with the exception of the one last Wednesday that directly conflicted with my annual chance to go watch the Cards pound the Braves), and I've been enjoying the series. Definitely the more fun of the 2 in the West. I do have some legit questions for people, though, since I'm currently out of "the loop" with folks who really care about this series.

It's been back and forth, and all kinds of yin and yang. Question for the 'Nucks people - the 5 goal flub from Luongo was an aberration, I know. Was that a wake up call to get people out of the crease? A lot of the goals tend to be dirty ones against him that he can't see.

Also - Hawks peeps. Khabby. Not good record against the Canucks. Have you heard anything about a potential Huet-substitution? I'm actually a pretty big Khabby fan, but I admit, Huet fascinates me in as much that he seems completely bat-guano crazy.

Tonight? Well, Hawks lost last night, and a split seems to be the trend in this series, so I'm giving the Hawks the edge. BTW, someone tell Bobby Hull to not be a curmudgeon, huh? What happened to this guy?


  1. Count me among those that DID miss your "un-biased opinion" Laura. Especially when you use phrases like "bat-guano crazy."

    Well done.

  2. I'm glad to have to back. Good luck on the exams in your clasroom!