Saturday, May 2, 2009

Game 2: Preview

Game 2 tonight peoples. I'm psyched because I'm going to the game. Woooo!

Ok, so word on the street is that some of the Hawks have the flu, not just the 'had too much to drink at an unnamed bar in Vancouver, *ahem r-...*because I just turned 21' sick, but the actual flu. This is perhaps the reason that captain Toews had diminished ice time in Game 1, or maybe he's hurt.

While we are on the injury speculations, The Province is saying that maybe Mats Sundin is also hurt. Is is the hip, knee, groin, MCL (according to the Globe and Mail) or maybe just the fact that he is old and falling apart? Who knows.

Khabibulin still hasn't beaten the Canucks since January 26 1998. The Canucks have now won 5 straight playoff games and are now 16-1-1 at home. Sick.

Chicago needs to improve in the faceoff circle tonight, they only won 24 out of 64 for a success rate of 38%. Kyle Wellwood won all of his 7 draws.

But after game 1, we know all those stats mean nothing. You can be up 3 goals, and then have the Hawks attack and tie up the game. I hope the Canucks have learnt their lesson: You can never let up on the Blackhawks. The Hawks have a lot of confidence that came out of the loss from Game 1, they realized that they COULD beat Luongo. I think we'll see a strong Blackhawk team tonight, and not so many penalties coming from them.

Eager may not have gotten a suspension for this, but this is a long series and you just became public enemy number 1 for Canuck fans.

Prediction: I'll say Canucks win this one since they have the magic when playing at home.

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