Thursday, April 30, 2009

You might remember me from such things as...

... the Blues v. Canucks microsite. What in the world am I, a Blues fan, doing here? Shouldn't I have stopped watching the playoffs? Should I not be totally focused on the Cardinals? Shouldn't I be off making fried ravioli and drinking some Bud?

Actually, I've done two out of the three this week. But stop watching playoff hockey - the best part of the season producing some of the awesomest moments of the season? Pfffffttttt. Nevah. I watch the playoffs all the way through until the end regardless of who is in it.

Why am I at THIS blog, though? I was offered a running commentary gig, but I couldn't bear to go over to the Pens/Caps series. I'd be content regardless of the winner. I'd write boring things. Here? Well, you have the team that just swept my Blues out of the playoffs. But one thing that I enjoyed watching even though I hated it was Roberto Luongo's goaltending. He neeed an IV to re-hydrate after the last game. He is hard core.

And, frankly, I'm from St. Louis. Sorry fine Chicago peeps, but I've been raised to have contempt for nearly everything from that city save for Da Bears, Da Bulls, and Chicago style pizza (it's dinner as I type this). Some of my finest childhood memories involve playoff sweeps and weeping Eddie Belfours. Sadly, a Blues/Hawks series was not to be this year, but hey... this one should be good too. Chicagoans need something to cheer about once in a while, after all.*

*BTW, I come in peace and in fun. I know who's been the National League Central Champs the past 2 years. And I completely enjoy watching Khabby prove the naysayers wrong, night after night after night.


  1. Haha, that's an awesome image Laura. Glad to keep you around.

  2. I do what I can. I think there's some sort of requirement that if you come from St. Louis, you have to be able to find obnoxious anti-Cubs Photoshops in 2.5 seconds.